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Maharashtra - a land that takes pride in its timeless heritage, while embracing and celebrating the global culture. As centuries and generations have gone by, they have enriched everything that Maharashtra stands for. The biggest and brightest symbol of Maharashtrian culture is its cuisine; recipes, flavours and tastes that have crafted with love. Sawai is the symbol of this supreme legacy of food.

Our Journey

What truly entitles these timeless recipes of Maharashtra to a global acclaim are the assortment of spices and condiments that go into cooking. Maharashtrian spices are full of taste, full of health and full of life! They are a medley of sweet and sour, fiery and robust, bitter and tangy, sharp and savoury and many more. At Sawai, we provide you with spices and condiments that bring alive the timeless, priceless and peerless Maharashtrian taste in your kitchen, on your plate.

What started over six decades ago with the vision of two people has now blossomed into a modern enterprise with a family of employees, distributors and retailers across Maharashtra and beyond. With passion and efforts as rich as the flavours of Maharashtrian cuisine, fuelled by your continued love and support, Sawai will always keep bringing to you 100% authentic taste of Maharashtra.



In the year 1970, Mr. Dattatray Jadhav took charge of the business from his father and the founder of Prakash Kolhapuri Masale, Gyanoba Jadhav. Since he began attending to customers in their own shop at Nehru Chowk, Pune, he had a great understanding of customer needs, which helped him deliver what they exactly needed.

Managing Director

In the mid 90s, Mr. Rahul Jadhav joined the business with passion and a vision. Today he handles product manufacturing, marketing communications and accounts.